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#ScotPfG: food system digest

Today’s Programme for Government (PfG) offers welcome measures to mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis on food insecurity. It also promises further action for more nature friendly farming, forestry and fishing. Food is scattered in other portfolios too, and it is clear that the

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Whose garden is this anyway?

Maxwell Centre community garden is an astonishing example of care without contrivance, art without artifice – with more than 300 varieties of mostly edible plants rubbing shoulders amicably in borders, raised beds, containers, trained along the walls or bursting out of the polytunnel. From wallflowers to walnuts

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Lest we forget: Learnings from the Kit for Kitchens Project.

Nourish coordinated a project on a small Scottish Government (Pockets & Prospects) grant, that offered ‘essential kitchen equipment’ to households in early 2022. Eleven partner organisations from across Scotland approached households through their community meals, cooking- and other food-related activities and distributed just over £6k worth of

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