Meaningful Participation Panel

Nourish is convening a Meaningful Participation Panel of participation experts-by-experience. The panel's focus is on making participation processes in decision-making more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.
Members of the Meaningful Participation Panel

What the Panel does

The Panel is keen to support anyone – project managers, local authorities, community organisers – who is seeking advice on how to successfully implement participation processes in decision-making.

The Panel is able to provide advice in a variety of contexts, but their main current focus is on the development of the Good Food Nation local food plans. The Good Food Nation Act places a duty on local authorities to ensure inclusive and engaging consultation in the development of their local food plans. If plans are made with and not for people, we need long-term public commitment to delivering the plans. The Panel will support decision-makers, including local authorities, health boards and communities to ensure meaningful public participation.

Why work with the Panel

All panellists have been involved in community, local and national participation processes. They bring a diverse set of lived experiences. This gives them expertise on how to involve people who are routinely marginalised in participation processes. This includes people from different ethnicities, people who have experience of the asylum process, young and old people, disabled people, single parents and carers. Their different backgrounds also bring a rich set of connections to communities and organisations across Scotland.

How the Panel can help

The support the Panel can offer will depend on the needs of each organisation or agency. This could include 1-1 advice sessions, feedback on participation materials, or running an engagement session with community members.

The Panel will work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan for meaningful participation. They will help you engage with community members and other stakeholders to ensure that those voices are heard and their needs are taken into account.


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