Dignity in Practice

In partnership with the Poverty Truth Community, we are working alongside community food initiatives and people with experience of food insecurity put dignity at the heart of community food provision.



Local and nutritious bread

We are working with Scotland the Bread to make locally produced, nutritious bread more accessible to communities across Scotland.



Our Right to Food

This project aims to make it easier for everyone in Scotland to afford the food that keeps them healthy and well. It starts by understanding what people in Scotland would choose as a healthy and enjoyable way to eat so that we can better identify how to make this accessible for all.

Farming for 1.5C Inquiry

The Aim of the Inquiry is to find consensus on the best way forward for Scottish agriculture to meet the challenge of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.


Peas Please

In partnership with the Food Foundation and others around the UK we are working with the food industry and the public sector to increase veg consumption in a sustainable manner.


South Asian Nitrogen Hub

SANH is a partnership under the UK Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) that brings together 32 leading research organisations with project engagement partners from the UK and South Asia.


Past projects

Food Justice Workshops (2017-2019)

Making a Living from Local Food (2016-2018)

Access to Land Research (2017)

A Menu for Change (2017-2019)

Cash, Rights, Food

Community Food Catalysts (2017)

Turning the Tables (2016)

Groundwork for Food Democracy

The Scottish Manifesto of Chefs and Cooks (2019)

Stirling Food System study (2016)

Food Leadership Programme (2015)