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Farming for 1.5C

The debate about farming and climate change has been more than a little contentious. When an issue is this complex, it can become dominated by sound bites: cows are bad, sheep destroy the landscape, and we should put most of Scotland to trees to save the planet.

England’s National Food Strategy – over to you, Scotland

The Independent Review of the National Food Strategy (the Review) was published today. It is recognised as the first comprehensive review of England’s food system in 75 years. We welcome the increased political and public attention and scrutiny of the challenges in England’s food system. Many of

Loosely in the soil like diamonds?

Since we started ploughing we’ve moved over 130 billion tonnes of soil carbon into the atmosphere as CO2. That’s a lot less than fossil fuels, but it’s still equivalent to about half the excess carbon now in the atmosphere compared to pre-industrial levels. So getting some of

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