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Organics moves one step from the margins into the mainstream

Picture this: the Royal Highland Show, the Scottish Government Pavilion. Organic snacks, a display of beautiful Scottish organic produce from across the sectors. A handful of presenters from key operators including Scotland Food & Drink, talking about how they could support growing the organic sector. The occasion

Lest we forget: Learnings from the Kit for Kitchens Project.

Nourish coordinated a project on a small Scottish Government (Pockets & Prospects) grant, that offered ‘essential kitchen equipment’ to households in early 2022. Eleven partner organisations from across Scotland approached households through their community meals, cooking- and other food-related activities and distributed just over £6k worth of

Mission impossible?

Tom Cruise fans waiting for the latest instalment next month have already seen a car chase trailer with a 5 series 540i BMW. Even driven much more carefully than in the film, this gas guzzler struggles to do better than 20 miles per gallon. Since 2020, the

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