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Public diners – back to the future

It is a pub question waiting to happen: Which state sponsored a chain of 2,000+ restaurants serving a nutritionally balanced, price-capped menu to the general public? Russia? China? Venezuela? The correct answer is the UK under a Conservative Prime Minister. British Restaurants operated across Britain during 1940’s

Embarassing caddies?

This week two things happened on food waste policy. The EU set a legally-binding target of 30% food waste reduction by 2030 as part of the revised Waste Framework Directive, while DEFRA announced that there wouldn’t be a target for England. Conversations about food waste often start

See it, say it, sort it

Last year we were reflecting on the rare moment of policy confluence for farming and land use, with the land reform, farm subsidy reform and Just Transition Commission’s work jointly presenting an opportunity for deeper change. But agriculture and land use are only part of the food

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