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The treats and troubles of veg boxes

Foods that are seasonal, produced on a smaller scale, with organic or agroecological methods and traded in shorter supply chains have a less negative (more likely positive) impact on the environment. The most recent report from the Soil Association tells us that the UK market for organic

Gene editing: why we need a wider public discussion about de-regulation

The UK Government is planning to reduce regulation around gene-edited livestock and crops in England, arguing that this technology is essentially no different from natural breeding and should not be regulated the same way as older methods of genetic modification. While this does not immediately affect the

The right to food comes into view

Last week’s report from the National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership set out ambitious recommendations not just to incorporate new rights into domestic law but also to strengthen the machinery for making them real. The Taskforce recommends a Scottish human rights bill incorporates (brings into domestic law)

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