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See it, say it, sort it

Last year we were reflecting on the rare moment of policy confluence for farming and land use, with the land reform, farm subsidy reform and Just Transition Commission’s work jointly presenting an opportunity for deeper change. But agriculture and land use are only part of the food

Why should you care about the Agriculture Bill?

Try mentioning the “agricultural subsidy reform”, and see the light drain from other people’s eyes. Apart from a handful of die-hard enthusiasts, the new Agriculture Bill is failing to ignite the nation’s imagination. But it should! The government is designing a new farming subsidy system – the

#ScotPfG: food system digest

Today’s Programme for Government (PfG) offers welcome measures to mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis on food insecurity. It also promises further action for more nature friendly farming, forestry and fishing. Food is scattered in other portfolios too, and it is clear that the

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