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Public Diners Heritage Project: April Update

“I was proud of the kind of people I saw going into them” Lord Llewellin, Civic Restaurants Bill Second Reading, Lords, 6th March 1947 And we are off! I’m so pleased that this project is up and running with so much interest and passion behind it. So

Soul-searching questions

The recent report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation ‘Destitution in the UK 2023’ makes for a shocking read. In the last year alone some 3.8 million people experienced destitution, of whom around a million were children. This means they were not able to afford to meet their

Sleeping on the job

What is the point of Nourish? Ten years banging on about food and then what happened in the Programme for Government? Nothing. A space where something should have been. Programme for Government sets out the Scottish Government’s priorities for the year ahead. Nutrition isn’t one of them.

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