Progressing the Right to Food in Scotland

17th March 2022

The Scottish Government and our local authorities are responsible for a wide range of activities that affect how easy or difficult it is for people in Scotland to afford healthy, culturally appropriate and sustainable food. In this event, we  explored how national and local strategies to reduce the cost of living are affecting household budgets and people’s ability to afford food with dignity and choice. We looked at Universal Free School Meals and transport to reflect on how current strategies are working and consider what else can be done at a local level to take us towards a Scotland where everyone can take pride and pleasure in the food that we eat.

Video 2. Panel Discussion: The Role of Universal Free School Meals

Reflection questions:

  1. What can schools and local authorities do to encourage more children and families to enjoy and take up the school meal offer?
  2. How might schools use their kitchens to support wider engagement with their communities? What might that look like?
  3. What are the things that would make school meals more attractive and enjoyable for children – and how might this support families’ budgets?

Video 3. Panel Discussion: The Role of Free Travel

Reflection questions:

  1. What are the benefits and challenges of universal versus targeted approaches?
  2. How can we work together to support these calls / campaigns for extending free transport?
    • Who should be involved?
    • What should be included (bus, train, ferry)?

Video 4. Progressing the Right to Food in Scotland: The Good Food Nation

Event Slides [PDF]