Agroecology Resources


Agroecology in action

Can you have a profitable farm & support biodiversity?

How do we skill up more people to grow fruit & veg in Scotland?

Wool as a high value crop: can nature friendly farming make it pay?

Cattle and Corncrakes: how are cows delivering for high nature value farmland?

Soil Health in South West Scotland

Cattle & Community

NoFence Collar Technology with Domhnall Macsween, Isle of Lewis

Regenerative grazing with Nikki Yoxall, Grampian Graziers

Pasture fed in the Borders with Matt Griffin, Edston Farm

Running a crofting township food hub with Helen O’Keefe and Tessa Dorrian, Elphin

Agroforestry with Roger Howison, Parkhill Farm



Seed Diversity in Scotland

Biodiversity Audits for Crofters and Farmers – Developing the next steps

Novel Crops: Supporting biodiversity & Profitability on Scotland’s Farms

Tree hay: using trees as livestock fodder


Agroecological Transition: reflections from recent research in Scotland

High Nature Value Farmland the key to a nature rich future in Scotland?

Soil Food Web for Farmers

Sustainable Poultry Feed: The Potential of Insect Protein

Farm Management: a link between Biodiversity & Profitability



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