Agroecology: strengthening livelihoods

Agroecology, farming with nature, is a way of farming that can strengthen the livelihoods of food producers and increase the resilience of our food systems. It can also help tackle the biodiversity and climate emergencies and towards Scotland’s vision of sustainable and regenerative agriculture.  (see: agroecology in Scotland Policy Brief )

The policy context is changing, and farmers are increasingly being asked to deliver environmental benefits.

More and more farmers, crofters and growers across Scotland are interested in implementing agroecological practices. But it’s not always easy to find the support needed to try out different ways of farming. Many food producers want this  to be peer-to-peer learning, with farmers leading the way.

Farmer to Farmer – Knowledge Exchange Programme:

We have developed a peer-to-peer knowledge exchange programme for food producers to come together and learn with each other. We are visiting each other’s farms, meeting online and having lunch together. Farmers are chatting with other farmers about their latest techniques, sharing how they have transitioned into agroforestry, how they are implementing herbal leys, or how they are managing common grazings. They’re also giving advice on how to  increase biodiversity while ensuring profitability.

Agroecology Learning Resources

Visit our library where you’ll find videos, podcasts and more. Learn about agroecological practices by hearing from the farmers, crofters and growers implementing them.

Join us in person

There’s 7 topic-based groups and a couple of multi-topic farm visits. You can decide to join one of these or dip in and out of what the different groups offer.

Market Gardening Group

Non-region specific. More info:

Agroforestry Group

Non-region specific. More

Supporting Biodiversity within Island-Based Farming & Crofting Group

Islay, Jura, Gigha and Colonsay.  More info:

Crofting Townships Group

Caithness and Sutherland. More info:

Soil Health Group

South West Scotland. More info:

Biodiversity & Profitability Group

Scottish Borders. More info:

Grazing Group

Non-region specific. More info:

Multi-topic farm visits

Non-region specific. More info:

Join us online

We are developing a series of 6 webinars on agroecology September – January. You can expect  in-depth conversations and panel dicussions on topics like common grazings, agroforestry & farming in a changing climate.

Agroecology: Strenghetning Livelihoods, expands on previous work undertaken over 2022/23 under the  Agroecology: Enabling the Transition project and 2021/22 under the Agroecology: Facilitating Mindset Change project.