Affording to Eat Well in Scotland

10th March 2022

After two years of pressure on household budgets during the pandemic, the cost of living crisis has brought even more attention to the challenges many people are facing to afford even the basics. If the Scottish Government is going to meet its vision of ending the need for food banks, and eradicating poverty by 2030, work is needed urgently to improve the prevention of and response to food insecurity today.

But what would people in Scotland choose to eat if income from wages and benefits were sufficient? What are our shared aspirations for eating well in a Good Food Nation?

The Our Right to Food project has been working with groups of community advisors across Scotland to understand what people believe should be included in a weekly shopping list if a family was aiming for a balance of foods that that meet the following criteria:

  • Healthy ‘enough’
  • Most people would enjoy
  • Good fit for people’s lives

Video 2. Good Fit for People’s Lives [activity material: large family / small family]

Video 3. Healthy ‘Enough’ and Enjoyable [activity material: large family / small family]

Video 4. The Cost of Dignity and Choice [activity material: large family / small family]

Video 5. Reflections and Next Steps

Event Slides [PDF]