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Repurposing the farm

Four years into the recession  with another six to go, and it’s time to stop waiting for things to get back to normal. Food in Scotland: that won’t be back to normal any time soon.  As welfare ‘reform’ bites, more families will be pushed into food poverty,

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The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2013

Vegetables being displayed in front of a snow covered farmyard

The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2013 The New Agriculture: A New Generation with New Ideas. 3rd and 4th January 2013 Can we really carry on with farming as it is? Can we be content with high-tech agribusiness, financed by debt? Who in this present world (especially among

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Price of food

In the food price spike of 2008, supermarkets took advantage of rising wheat prices to raise bread prices – by much more than the extra cost of the wheat.  What’s happening out there now?  What price rises are you seeing?

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A Walk on the Wild Side

Rowan berries

Ever eaten wild rose petals in salad? Rooted for pignuts for your casserole dishes? Okay then, how about gone brambling at the roadside? In the age of endlessly rising food prices, it’s good to know there is a free and natural storecupboard full of goodies on our

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GM and weedkiller linked to tumours

An ear of growing barley above undersown clover

September 2012 will be seen as the month when the balance finally tipped against GM in the UK. The new peer-reviewed study from the University of Caen published last week in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology may start a revolution.  It got front page coverage in

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugli

  Hands up if you’re old enough to remember ‘That’s Life’! If you do, can you also remember the carrots sporting cheeky protuberances and X-rated parsnips? Now, when was the last time you saw one of those ‘character veggies’ in the supermarket? Not for ages, we bet!

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