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#NourishElectionAsks – Ask 5: Organic and local food into our public kitchens

It’s getting close – only 2 weeks until we vote in our next Scottish Parliament, so we’re on to our penultimate election ask, where we focus upon what we serve in our public kitchens – our hospitals, libraries, schools, care homes and prisons.  We are calling for […]

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Living with GM across the water – organic farmer from Michigan on why our GM ban makes sense

Don Dunklee, our guest blogger, is an organic farmer from Michigan USA who contacted Nourish to tell us how relieved he is that we have banned GM, as he has suffered in so many ways since GM crops have been introduced in his country.  Here’s a bit […]

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Nourish Scotland supports Scottish Government’s ban on commercial GM crops

Today the Scottish Government has taken the confident and well informed decision to ban commercial growing of GM crops in Scotland. Nourish and a consortium of partner organisations representing civil society, such as Friends of the Earth Scotland, Common Good Food, and Global Justice Now, support this […]

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