A Good Food Nation: For the people, by the people

Nourish Scotland are crowdfunding right now – seeking support and resources for our Good Food Nation campaign. In the murky world of working for systemic change, we won’t have a shiny new building to show for your cash, but we do have a really exciting opportunity to progress social and environmental justice. In the countdown to deadline day (11th December) we’ll be publishing a blog every day to make the case that supporting this crowdfunder is a wise use of your money.

This is about all of us getting a say in deciding the future of our food system. One thing is for sure, change is coming – whether it’s Brexit, robots, or climate change: politics and the environment play out on our plates. What’s unclear just now is how much we – all of us – will get to shape our food system. Will we be left to eat the consequences, as the big players make decisions that make profits? Or will we, collectively, decide some principles and lay down the direction of travel?

In 2018, the Scottish Government will consult on their ‘Good Food Nation Bill’ – crosscutting legislation to address Scotland’s multiple food issues. This is a chance to lay down a framework, and create the food system we’d like to live in. Rather than being directed by the whims of business, we can ensure that human rights and environmental justice are at the heart of our food system.

We want everyone to have a seat at the table in forming this legislation. We all experience the food system differently, and it’s not fun for some. We believe all perspectives need to be heard, and want to see a Good Food Nation Bill that addresses the important questions of justice for people today, for all life on earth, and for future generations.

This won’t happen unless we create the spaces, resources and support for people to speak up and share. It’s a big mission and structures are hard to move, but together we can shift and reshape our food system. We have tried various paths to try and fund this work, but have had no luck so far. So, we’re turning to you – the people! – to help us resource this campaign: for a transformative Good Food Nation Bill.

You can find more information about what we will use the money for on our Crowdfunder page, and feel free to get in touch to ask any questions. Please give what you can and share widely!


With gratitude and excitement,

The Nourish Team