Purple pros

As the queues lengthen at UK food banks, it’s good to see that the UK government’s media machine is still trying to revive the sickly corpse of GMOs in Europe as the technical solution to the political and economic problem of hunger.  What better medicine than purple tomatoes which 5 years ago were claimed by the Daily Express to protect against cancer, keep you slim, ward off diabetes and help to safeguard eyesight? Today’s more modest claim is that putting snapdragon genes into tomatoes will increase shelf life – which will work just fine in the Matrix, where the taste of a fresh tomato is a distant folk memory.  But while you’re waiting for the indestructible purple tomatoes to hit the shelves, you can still legally buy David Craig’s Clyde Valley tomatoes, grown in Scotland with tomato genes. 

And while we’re waiting for GM to save the world, the Scottish Government could build on its commitment to keeping us GM free by taking a leaf out of France’s book and making a commitment to doubling organic production in the next four years.  Vive la difference!

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  1. Well said, Pete! At least the Government now has the courage to show their hand, and confirm through Paterson that they’re blatantly pro-GM. Let’s hope the future news reports include some less biased information than that spouted on this morning’s Today programme.