Project Broccoli

So we’ve been exploring the Broccoli glut and the issue of food waste. The unusually chilly spring (remember that?) produced a glut of the brassica, which means Scottish growers are harvesting three times as much as normal, but in the heatwave, no one is buying it.

Most people haven’t got their heads round broccoli being something more than you have as a side veg with a winter meal, so broccoli is being ploughed back into the ground or going to waste.

Next week we’ll be issuing some fantastic broccoli recipes to help you and we’ll be popping up to sell it direct too.

We have a deal with a local farmer and we want to give away broccoli that would otherwise go to waste and sell on at cost to businesses anyone who will use it. This is fantastic, local, fresh-picked produce.

We are still working out the details but if you are a cafe, caterer or individual who would buy from us, get in touch. And if your a community project, church group, charity, food bank or soup kitchen get in touch and we can give you fresh food for free.

Contact Darragh on 01592 871 371 or email us:

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  1. Fantastic! Will see if I can find anyone. Where are you popping up to sell it and will any reach Edinburgh?