See it, say it, sort it

Last year we were reflecting on the rare moment of policy confluence for farming and land use, with the land reform, farm subsidy reform and Just Transition Commission’s work jointly presenting an opportunity for deeper change. But agriculture and land use are only part of the food system – and so much more is currently happening in Scotland’s food policy landscape. Circular economy, community wealth building, food environment are just some of the areas currently being scrutinised. And then there is the Good Food Nation Act which tries to bring all these agendas into greater coherence.

With so many opportunities in the mix, could there be too much of a good thing?

It’s certainly easy to get lost in the complexity of the food policy landscape. What we need is a map – a way to see where different pieces of legislation overlap, criss-cross, where they could be extended and link up with other agendas. That’s what our latest policy map is all about. Inspired by London underground map, it shows the potential connectivity of food policy initiatives and how to make the most of them.

We hope it will allow policy makers and civil society alike navigate the complex world of current legislation. Explore the topics covered by each of the bills, or pick the subject that interests you most and see how different legislations affect it.

Technical note: to make use of the full functionality of the map, please open it using a PDF software (and not your browser)