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Food Justice Workshops

We are running participatory workshops with groups across Scotland to explore what food justice means and how we can work towards it.

Making a Living from Local Food

We are supporting aspiring or start-up food producers, processors, or retailers to make a living from local food.

Menu for Change

Cash, Rights, Food

This project, in partnership with Oxfam GB, CPAG in Scotland and The Poverty Alliance, seeks to improve the response to food insecurity in Scotland. The objective is to reduce the need for and reliance on emergency food aid.

Peas Please

In partnership with the Food Foundation and others around the UK we are working with the food industry and the public sector to increase veg consumption in a sustainable manner.


In Community Food Provision

We are working with the Poverty Truth Commission to develop dignified, community-led responses to food insecurity.

Past projects

Community Food Catalysts (2017)

Turning the Tables (2016)

Groundwork for Food Democracy

Access to Land (2017)

Food Leadership Programme (2015)

Stirling Food System study (2016)