Time to make Scotland a #GoodFoodNation!

Why take action now?

The Scottish Government is expected to begin consultation on the Good Food Nation Bill in early 2018; you can read about the background of the Bill here.

From working with many different groups and organisations over the past months, we know that there is a real appetite (excuse the pun) for food system change, and for being involved in co-producing the food policies that affect us all. We want the consultation on the Good Food Nation Bill to genuinely facilitate participation in this process, and to make sure people most affected by the injustices in the current food system have a voice in shaping the direction of travel.

We also want to make sure the crosscutting nature of the Good Food Nation Bill is not lost, and that every MSP takes an interest because they understand its importance for a whole range of urgent issues in and beyond their constituency.

That’s why we encourage you to take action and contact your local MSP during the pre-consultation stage of the Bill. If enough of us let our decision-makers know that we care about the food system and want to be involved in the Bill, we can make sure this is high on the political agenda.


What can you do?

You are represented by eight members of the Scottish Parliament: one for your local constituency and seven for your region. Use this tool to check who your MSPs are.

We encourage you to get in touch with all the MSPs that represent you, there are many different ways to do this – twitter, letter or email, or even in person. You can find their full contact details on the Scottish Parliament website.



As soon as possible but before March 2018 – during the pre-consultation stage of the Bill.


Tweet to your MSPs

Tweeting a message directly to your MSP is a nice and easy way to make them aware of important issues – you can find their Twitter handle on the Scottish Parliament website above.

We’ve created some example tweets for you to use, but the more personal your tweet, the better. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GoodFoodNation and to tag your MSPs.


Excited that Scotland will soon be consulting on a #GoodFoodNation Bill  – how can I be involved?

Let’s make sure our food system works for people & planet through the new #GoodFoodNation Bill!

The #GoodFoodNation Bill should be about food democracy, will @ScotGov make sure all voices are heard?

A #GoodFoodNation is one where the people with least power in the current food system can shape a better one.


E-mail or write to your MSPs

You can either send an e-mail directly to your MSPs or write a letter to their office. In this age of e-mail overload, letters definitely carry more weight. You can write a letter as an individual or with a group, project or network you are part of. We’ve created a template letter that we hope you may find useful.

Feel free to adapt it as much as you like – your MSPs will pay more attention to personalised letters. Just make sure you include your name and address at the bottom of the letter to make clear you are their constituent.

Once you receive a reply to your e-mail or letter, drop us a message to let us know who you wrote to and what they said: info @ nourishscotland.org.uk. This will help inform our campaign on the Good Food Nation Bill going forward.


Meet your local MSP

Meeting your local MSP is a powerful way to make sure your views are heard and help frame the Good Food Nation Bill. You can arrange a meeting through your e-mail or letter, by giving them a phone call, or by dropping in to their weekly surgery, usually on a Friday.

Most MSPs will be happy to meet you either in their constituency – at their local office or at a public place like a library – or at the Scottish Parliament, so choose which is most convenient for you. When Parliament is in session, MSPs are usually in Edinburgh from Tuesday to Thursday, and in their constituencies on Mondays and Fridays. Sometimes MSPs also arrange meetings at the weekend if necessary. Check your MSPs website for any upcoming surgeries.

Friends of the Earth Scotland has written a helpful and detailed briefing on how to lobby your MSPs with tips for how to prepare for and follow up on your meeting, and what to do when they say no.

If you meet with your MSP, it would be great if you can drop us a message to let us know who you met and what they said: info @ nourishscotland.org.uk.



Our crowdfunder is now closed, but you can still support our work with a one-off donation here. Money raised will go towards enabling people to participate in the consultation, increasing the diversify of people who shape the Bill. Can you contribute to help us create platforms and resources for more people to get involved?


Stay in the loop!

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