Local Availability and Price of Fruit and Vegetables

This research is part of the Our Right to Food project, which aims to understand what local and national actions are needed to support everyone in Scotland to afford the food that keeps them healthy and well.

We will be using the information you gather during a Right to Food Dialogue in early March.

What is my role as a Community Researcher?

  • Visit at least one shop to look for the fruits and vegetables that the Robinson Family likes to eat. 
  • Complete and submit one survey for every shopping trip.
  • Join the discussion about what Community Researchers found and what this means for your area.

See slides on ‘Being a Community Researcher’ from Workshop 1 for more information.

What fruits and vegetables am I looking for?

The following list includes all the fruits and vegetables that the Robinson Family likes to eat. Community Advisors discussed and agreed the package sizes and form (e.g. fresh, frozen or tinned) for each item.

Getting ready to collect local information

Step 1: Decide if you want to:

  • Submit a paper or online survey
  • Complete the survey in the shop or afterwards

Step 2: Become familiar with the fruits and vegetables on the Robinson’s shopping list

Step 3: Decide the shop to visit and when you will do this

What information do I collect?

  1. Record the price of every exact match (same size and amount)
  2. If no exact match >> look for a close alternative
    • Record the amount / size and price
  3. If none available >> think about what the Robinsons would do:
    • Swap for something else
    • Leave it out
    • Go to another shop to find it

For more information about how the Robinsons use fruits and vegetables each week, see the guide for making decisions.

Forms to record the information

You have the option to complete an online or paper version of the survey.

How do I claim expenses?

Community Researchers can claim up to £50 for expenses related to the research activity. This includes travel expenses (car mileage, bus, train, subway, ferry) and food costs for items that you purchase from the Robinsons’ list.

Please send a completed expense form with pictures of your receipts to dignity@nourishscotland.org.uk.

What if I want to buy some items?

It may be easier for you to buy the items on the list than to record the information while you are in the shop. If you want to do this, please:

  1. Purchase one of each item that you find from the Robinson’s list (or a close alternative).
  2. Pay for these items on a separate till receipt if possible.
  3. Keep the receipt and use the information to complete a paper or online version of the survey.
  4. Submit a picture of your receipt along with your expense form.

More information about the project

The Our Right to Food project aims to improve the affordability of food that keeps us healthy and well in Scotland. Weekly shopping lists were co-created with Community Advisors in 2021 to give us realistic examples of what the shopping costs for a family would be.

Community Researchers are using these lists to measure the availability and price of food in different parts of Scotland. This information will help people think about what is happening locally and what else can be done.

See Our Right to Food – Overview for more information.