Write to your MSP to support the Right to Food

Are working to get the Good Food Nation bill back following the delay to it’s introduction in Spring 2020. In the meantime, we keen to make the most of every opportunity to progress the campaign for a health, sustainable and fair future for Scotland’s food system. We believe that putting the human right to food into Scot’s law is key to making this vision a reality.
Putting the right to food into Scots law makes it the State’s responsibility to ensure that food is available, accessible and adequate for everyone. This includes, for example: ensuring that businesses play their part in the sale of safe, nutritious food for all; government takes action to tackle low pay in the food industry; and ensuring a compassionate system of social security which enables people to eat well and access food with dignity.

We have an opportunity to remind the Government how important and popular the right to food is.

MSP Elaine Smith has proposed a bill to put the right to food into Scot’s law. In order for the bill to progress, it needs more MSPs to show their support by the end of February. Many MSPs in the Labour Party already support the Right to Food, so we are encouraging everyone to ask their Green, Conservative, Liberal Democrats and SNP MSPs to support the bill.
What should I put in my letter? To help make it easier to write to your MSP we’ve created a template letter with some ideas that you might want to include. Make the letter your own! Add examples of your own experiences, or explain why you think the right to food is important. Personalised messages are the most impactful.

Click here to download the Template Letter 

Who should I send the letter to? Go to this website for a list of your MSPs and how to contact them.
Any questions? Get in touch with stephanie@nourishscotland.org.uk