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The Right to Food

Placing rights and dignity at the centre of food

Food is fundamental to human life and so should be treated as a human right. Nourish calls on the Scottish Government to enshrine a directly enforceable right to food into Scots Law.

Brexit and Food

The EU, us, our food... where next?

Leaving the European Union has major implications for our food system. We advocate for fully devolved, and fairer farming and fisheries policies and for upheld social and environmental regulations.

The Good Food Nation Bill

A new framework for our food system

The problems in our food system are interrelated and will not be resolved by focusing on a single issue. We need joined-up legislation on food, farming, and health. Nourish advocates for this to be achieved through the Good Food Nation Bill, alongside our partners in the Scottish Food Coalition.

Climate Change and Food

A low-carbon, climate resilient food system

Our food system makes a huge contribution to our climate footprint, and is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We advocate for ambitious targets and effective policies to mitigate and adapt to climate change across our food system.

A Citizens’ Agricultural Policy

Putting citizens at the centre of farming policies

This campaign advocates for agricultural policies that work for citizens and are developed with citizens – in Scotland, the UK, and Europe.

Past campaigns

Local Authority Elections (2017)

Our Policy Asks for the Local Government elections