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The Right to Food Campaign

Placing rights and dignity at the centre of food

Food is fundamental to human life and so should be treated as a human right. Nourish calls on the Scottish Government to enshrine a directly enforceable right to food into Scots Law.

Brexit and Food

The EU, us, our food... where next?

Whether inside or outside of the European Union, we must put pressure on the UK and Scottish Governments to make the right decisions for the future of our food and farming.

The Good Food Nation Bill Campaign

Joining up food, farming and health in cross-cutting framework legislation

The problems in our food system are interrelated and will not be resolved by focusing on a single issue. We need joined-up legislation on food, farming, and health. Nourish advocates for this to be achieved through the Good Food Nation Bill which will be developed by the Scottish Government and Parliament in 2017-2018.

Local Authority Elections Campaign

Our Policy Asks for the Local Government elections

At Nourish Scotland we want to see flourishing cities, towns and communities centered firmly on the well-being of Scotland’s people, now and into the future.

A Citizens’ Agricultural Policy

Putting citizens at the centre of farming policies

This campaign advocates for agricultural policies that work for citizens and are developed with citizens – in Scotland, the UK, and Europe.

Climate Change and Food

Pushing food up the climate change agenda

Our food system makes a huge contribution to our climate footprint. To reach our 80% emissions reduction by 2050 target we will need to make some significant changes to how we produce and consume food in Scotland.