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The Right to Food Campaign

The Right to Food Campaign

Nourish is campaigning for a rights-based approach to food – we’re asking the Scottish Government to make the commitments we’ve already signed up to in international law a reality.

Our current food system is characterised by inequality and exploitation at all levels.

  • Low wages, insecure working conditions, and harsh reform of social security means that rising numbers of people can no longer afford a nutritious and culturally appropriate diet.
  • Our collective food environment makes it difficult for people to make positive food choices, resulting in significant diet-related health inequalities.
  • Access to land and other resources is prohibitively expensive, and the power imbalance between producers and multiple retail and caterers makes it difficult for people to make a living out of producing food.
  • Food production is reliant on unsustainable inputs of fossil fuels and chemicals that threaten our ability to produce in the future. Food is a significant contributor to Scotland’s climate change emissions and is also extremely vulnerable to climate change. Our high imports of food and feed also externalise social and environmental impacts with little oversight or transparency.

We believe that food is a public good and that we should all have the means to be able to access it by right rather than relying on the charity of others. A rights-based approach to food is one in which everyone has financial and geographical access to adequate, safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, with dignity and choice now and in to the future.

Together with a broad coalition of civil society organisations Nourish are calling for framework legislation to protect and progress the right to food – from ending food poverty to enabling the right to grow.

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