The Right to Food Campaign

What is the right to food?

The right to food is our individual right to be able to eat well, and our collective right to a fair and sustainable food system.

Watch this short animation, produced in partnership with Scottish Human Rights Commission, on what the right to food means in Scotland and how we can make the right to food real for everyone.

Where does it come from?

The right to food sits within international human rights law that the UK Government signed up to in 1976, but never incorporated in to domestic law to give day to day effect to. The Scottish Government has the power to do this.

What does it look like in practice?

What can we do in Scotland?

The Good Food Nation Bill is a once in a generation opportunity to set the direction of travel for our food system.

Food rights must be the framework that holds the Bill together. This will do two things: progress rights by aligning policy and practice, and protect rights by creating opportunities for accountability.

The campaign history

In 2015 Nourish Scotland began formally campaigning on the right to food. Like most of our work we have been advocating at a policy and grassroots level.

Our policy work started through the UN accountability processes, and now focuses quite closely on opportunities for legal reform in Scotland and Westminster. Our grassroots work is similarly ongoing, and includes opportunities to get involved through the Good Food Nation Ambassador programme.


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