Peas Please

Making it easier for everyone to eat more veg

The UK-wide Peas Please initiative brings together farmers, retailers, caterers, manufacturers, government departments, and Local Authorities with a common goal of making it easier for everyone to eat veg.

Our diets now pose the greatest threat to our health and well-being. Our food environment urgently needs to change to support us to eat healthier. To decrease the risk of diet related diseases, we need to be eating at least one more portion of veg per day.

Education and 5-a-day messaging have had little impact on veg intake, so Peas Please invites businesses and public authorities to step up to the plate and take concrete actions to make veg the easy and tasty choice.

Make a pledge for more veg

We invite Scotland based caterers, venues and food companies to make pledges for how they will make veg the easy choice. We are looking for trailblazers leading the way towards healthier food trends in Scotland.

Take action on the 5 Ps in our pod:

  • Pleasure – making our veg delicious whenever we eat it and connecting us to where our veg comes from
  • Producers – growing veg sustainably at all different scales
  • Prices that work for producers and consumers
  • Products – new ways of getting veg into what we buy and eat every day
  • Placement – more prominence in shops and on menus, more places to buy it in towns and cities


...for retailers
What can retailers do to increase their sales of veg? 20% of our shopping baskets should be veg but it's only 6-7%! We compiled the evidence and created a dynamic tool for retailers to build their list of actions
...for food services
Restaurant tables - click to reach the Compendium
...for cities
Veg towns and cities are those where the city or local authority, in partnership with the private sector and community organisations use their powers to drive up vegetable consumption.