Our Right to Food: who we're working with

Community Advisors

In 2021, we worked with groups of Community Advisors to co-create four case study families living in two different household sizes:

  • Large family: two adults with three children (aged 7, 10 and 15)
  • Small family: single parent with two young children (aged 2 and 5)

Together, we explored how families in these household sizes are likely to shop, prepare and eat food each week to establish a strong understanding of current cooking and eating patterns. This helped the groups think about what the families would eat if everyone was able to afford the food that keeps them healthy and well.

The shopping lists we developed together include the healthiest balance of foods that people with experience shopping for, preparing and eating in families could agree is a good fit for people’s lives and would be enjoyed by most people in today’s Scotland.

Community Advisors were people with experience shopping for, preparing and eating in families in today’s Scotland. They have diverse cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and they worked together to co-create case study families that they believed most people in Scotland would recognise.

Community Researchers

In 2022, we are working with partners in 6-8 local authority areas to recruit and engage with Community Researchers who will measure the availability and price of fruit and vegetable prices in their local area.

Community Researchers are people who are:

  • interested in food availability and accessibility
  • able to take part in online workshops and discussions
  • willing to gather local information using online or paper surveys

Steering Group

We are grateful to our steering group members for their advice and support for this project:

  • Action on Sugar
  • Broke Not Broken
  • City, University of London
  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Food, Farming and Countryside Commission
  • Loughborough University
  • Making Rights Real
  • Obesity Action Scotland
  • Public Health Scotland
  • Robert Gordon University
  • Scottish Government
  • University of Ulster