The possible world of Scottish wheat

October 16, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

In Scotland, we grow more than enough wheat to provide everyone in the country with local bread. However, most of the grain grown in Scotland is used to make animal feed or cheap alcohol. Much of our bread is imported and is of low nutrient quality, while diet-related ill-health is a significant concern in Scotland and bears down most on those with low incomes. On top of this, grain production is generally by large-scale commodity farming with little focus on sustainability.  

However, throughout the food system there are farmers, bakers, retailers, consumers and community gardeners who are trying to change the way we approach grain in Scotland. Scotland The Bread is working with partners to establish a new system of growing better quality grains, baking them locally and aiming to make better quality bread accessible to everyone.

This event will discuss the current state of the grain system in Scotland, explore the potential for a more sustainable, collaborative approach to wheat and bread production, and highlight how Scotland The Bread’s Soil to Slice project is helping to engage communities in the production of local nutritious grains.