A Seat at the Table: Becoming a Good Food Nation is everyone's business

Between February and April 2018, over 800 people discussed the future of Scotland’s food system in Kitchen Table Talks. Conversations took place from the Scottish borders to the Shetland Islands, around dinner tables, in town halls, community gardens and allotments, at Universities and places of worship.

Kitchen Table Talks made clear that people care about the future of Scotland’s food and have strong views on what the Scottish Government could do to transform the food system: there is huge public appetite for a national conversation on the future of our food.

E-action: 351 people called on the First Minister to keep food on the agenda

Two years ago, the Scottish Government pledged to bring in new law to sort out the food system. They promised to consult before the end of 2017 but they haven’t, and they’re refusing to tell us how and when they might consult. So we organised an e-action for people to ask the First Minister to keep food on the agenda.

Food sits at the heart of Scotland’s biggest challenges, from food insecurity to poor health, from workers rights to our warming climate.  We have the skills and resources to turn this around – but we need new law to do it.

There is huge public appetite for a national conversation on the future of our food system – so we need the Government to open up the space for people to share their views and be heard. That’s the only way we really can become a Good Food Nation.

The Government have already responded to our e-action and we’re not any the wiser about when and how they might consult on the Bill, so the battle continues! Sign up to our updates to stay tuned and hear about opportunities to get involved with the campaign!

Read the response to the e-action from the Cabinet Secretary responsible for the Good Food Nation Bill