2013 Conference “Feeding the 5 million” Presentations by Witnesses

The presentations given by witnesses to the conference

Session One: The Problem With Food with Katherine Trebeck & David Milligan –

Session Two: The Food System with Geoff Tansey, Christina Watson and Julia Wright

Presentation Slides
Geoff Tansey – Nourishing Scotland in a sustainable world
Christina Watson – The implications for planetary health of our food system
Julia Wright – Agroecology and Human Health: Acknowledging our interconnectedness

Session Three: Food In Scotland with Richard Lochhead, James Withers, Colin Cunningham and Jo Hunt

Presentation Slides
James Withers – Food in Scotland: The system we’ve got, the system we want
Colin Cunningham – Environmental & Clean Technologies: The art of the possible
Jo Hunt – A local food system

Session Four: Food & Public Health with Annie Anderson, Lucy Aitchison and David Reilly

Presentation Slides
Annie Anderson – Scotland – food…a healthy approach?
Lucy Aitchison
David Reilly – The wellness enhancement learning programme

Evening Debate – Chaired by Lesley Riddoch, with Robin McAlpine and Rachelle Faroul

Presentation Slides
Rachelle Faroul – Just Food, Inc.