March Food Thinkers: City Region Food Systems: What, Why, How?

March 27, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
City, University of London

This Food Thinkers event will discuss the “City Region Food Systems” approach to moving the global food system towards greater sustainability and equity. Climate change, water stress, population growth, and continued urbanization are the challenges that threaten to negatively impact global food security. In this presentation, Professor Hamm will seek to shine a light on the opportunities of thinking more regionally about our food system, within a global context. That is, to consider strategies that maximize the sustainable production of food on our plates within a region, while also sourcing foods outside the region that are produced with a similar set of embedded characteristics. In the London area (and across England) this would mean a significant increase in fruit and vegetable production throughout the year. Can this be done in a way that reduces the carbon footprint of the food supply? Can this be done in a way that reduces other environmental impacts of the food system – such as phosphorus and nitrogen cycles? These and other issues will be discussed and questions raised to stimulate audience discussion.