Emergency Food Provision: Dignity During Covid-19 Online Workshop

June 4, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:15 pm

The pandemic has increased the number of people struggling to access food. At the same time, many more people have become involved in providing emergency food services. So how do we ensure this work promotes dignity for those needing support?

To answer this question we have been working with staff and volunteers from community food initiatives across Scotland to design a workshop that will enable you to enhance dignity in your practice. Whether you are a new or experienced organiser or volunteer working in emergency food provision responses, this workshop will provide an interactive and engaging opportunity to reconsider how we may best adapt our practices to ensure dignity is at the centre of our work.

Join us in this online workshop to:

  • hear about good practice examples in Scotland;
  • learn practical tips and strategies;
  • reflect on your own work;
  • continue co-constructing an understanding of how dignity can be put in practice during this crisis.

Please note that due to the participatory nature of the workshop you will require a computer in order to join.

To register please click on the Eventbrite link. We expect to continue running these through June, the available dates will be updated as soon as possible.