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Vision and Aims

Vision and Aims

Nourish Scotland is an NGO campaigning on food justice issues in Scotland.

Food is at the heart of many of the major crises we collectively face today, from the destruction of our natural world to the pervasiveness of diet-related illness and household food insecurity. These issues have not come about by accident; they are a result of a food system in which power is highly concentrated, and in the hands of a shrinking number of exceptionally powerful organisations, with limited and fragmented government intervention.

Nourish Scotland believes that only a transformation of the whole food system will result in effective and sustainable solutions. Our distinctive contribution is that we read across food issues – health, inequality and social justice, environmental justice, and the local food economy. We also link the levels, supporting grassroots community efforts and influencing national policy and legislation – and using each to inform the other.

Our recent successes

  • We secured commitment to a Good Food Nation Bill in three party manifestos and the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, with consultation beginning in 2017; with the help of civil society partners through the Scottish Food Coalition.
  • We gave evidence to a UN Committee in Geneva which led to the very first recommendations on the right to food addressed to the UK, and put Scotland’s soaring food poverty on an international stage.
  • We co-authored a vision for food, farming and health in a new Scotland: Plenty, calling for a just transition to better food system; as members of the Scottish Food Coalition
  • We are empowering people to take back control of the food system through our Food Leadership programme and Turning the Tables programme, and have a number of Food Justice workshops planned throughout 2017-18.
  • We supported 24 entrepreneurs to make a living out of local food with our mentoring programme in 2016.
  • We are always listening to producers, most recently in our engagement with the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Future of Scottish Agriculture.
  • We supported a moratorium on growing Genetically Modified crops in Scotland, recognising that knowledge and power over Scotland’s food must always be in the hands of Scotland’s producers.
  • We crowdfunded to send delegates from Scotland to the European Food Sovereignty gathering – putting Scotland on a global stage and in a prime position to learn from others.