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The wind and the willows

It was disappointing if predictable that much of the media coverage for the UKCCC’s net zero report last week focused on lifestyle changes – did this mean going back to the Stone Age, never flying and living in the dark to save the planet? – rather than

Good Food Nation Bill consultation – what does it all mean?

The long-awaited consultation on a Good Food Nation Bill was published just before Christmas – you can read it here. It is complex and confusing in places, but the proposals are significant. This Bill will not suddenly change the way we produce or eat food: it is not

Reflections on the 10th Oxford Real Farming Conference

What an outstanding achievement!  From 80 people meeting up ten years ago to say ‘there is another way to do farming’ to a 1000 strong conference with 100 workshops and 250 speakers, including not just Michael Gove but this year the legendary Eliot Coleman. Colin Tudge and

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