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Nourish is developing a comprehensive policy platform for sustainable, local food in consultation with our members


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Nourish Scotland is developing a series of practical projects to help rebuild a sustainable food infrastructure for Scotland.  

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  • The Food Leadership Programme: Thoughts on connectivity

    This blog post by Mandy Thomson is the seventh of a series of reflections by participants of the Food Leadership Programme, organised by Nourish from the 12th – 17th of July. My thoughts since the Leadership Programme keep coming back to the idea of connectivity. These thoughts kicked off for me after listening to fellow […]

  • Living with GM across the water – organic farmer from Michigan on why our GM ban makes sense

    Don Dunklee, our guest blogger, is an organic farmer from Michigan USA who contacted Nourish to tell us how relieved he is that we have banned GM, as he has suffered in so many ways since GM crops have been introduced in his country.  Here’s a bit about Don in his own words… “I have […]

  • Sarah Duley

    The Food Leadership Programme: Public Food

    This blog post by Sarah Duley is the sixth of a series of reflections by participants of the Food Leadership Programme, organised by Nourish from the 12th – 17th of July. Are you a valued guest in the kitchen of the state? In July I took part in the inaugural Food Leadership Programme run by […]

  • Invitation – Multi-stakeholder inquiry on food and fairness in Ayrshire

    We are inviting anyone interested in / working with food in Ayrshire to take part in a 8-week collective inquiry this autumn, focussing on the questions: ‘How can food become fairer in Ayrshire? How can inequalities in access to good food be reduced?’ We are looking for 6-12 people with an Ayrshire connection who have […]

  • Scottish civil society supports Scottish Government’s non-GM policy

    PRESS RELEASE We are writing in support of the Scottish Government’s decision to ban the growing of GM crops in Scotland, reinforcing its long-standing moratorium. We believe that this policy reflects a broad consensus across civil society in Scotland. As consumers in Scotland we have repeatedly shown that we want to avoid GM in our […]

  • Nourish Scotland supports Scottish Government’s ban on commercial GM crops

    Today the Scottish Government has taken the confident and well informed decision to ban commercial growing of GM crops in Scotland. Nourish and a consortium of partner organisations representing civil society, such as Friends of the Earth Scotland, Common Good Food, and Global Justice Now, support this ban and are sending a letter to government […]

  • industrial bread

    Scotland’s future is better sausages and better bread

    Now I realise that this might not be the first thing you think of when someone talks about the possibility of transforming Scotland’s economy and society into something better fit for its citizens. But it does help to describe one of the main transitions we need to make. And that’s important because my experience is […]

  • Source: BBC

    Another Food Bank Opened by Welfare Reformist

    David Mundell, Conservative MP and Secretary of State for Scotland, opened Scotland’s 50-something-th Trussell Trust food bank in Dumfries today, up from just 1 food bank in 2009. Mundell still denies that there is any link between the UK Government’s welfare reform and the growth of food banks. Meanwhile providers of emergency food such as […]

  • How do we end food bank hell?

    Shelagh Young on the possibility of tackling food banks in Scotland using the U.lab process supported by the Scottish Government. I recently attended a Scottish Government hosted workshop, which introduced a large audience to the Massachusetts institute of Technology’s (MIT) U.lab and the Presencing Institute – which self-describes as an “awareness-based action-research community that creates […]

  • Expo 2015: a missed opportunity for global food security

    Expo 2015: ‘Feeding the planet, Energy for life’ opened this month in Milan, more or less on time, but not without controversy. The opening day saw riots in opposition to the cost of the exhibition; costs also condemned as hypocritical by the Pope who suggested they might be put to more practical use in tackling […]

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