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How to #stayathome when food is the way we show care

It’s been a long time since we have collectively been so reminded of the importance of food. In recent days food has captured our imagination not only because it is one of the basic human needs. It is also often a vehicle for human connection, and as

Dignity at a time like this

As more information has emerged about how coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect day-to-day lives, many of us have felt nervous, scared and confused about how we and our families will cope with the restrictions on our movement and potential health problems that will come.   For many, this has

Food banks are not essential – they must close, and for good

One of the first lessons we’ve had to learn in this crisis is that running out of food is not a problem of supply. It’s a problem of distribution. £1bn worth of food that would otherwise be on the shelves, is in people’s cupboards and fridges. Meanwhile,

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