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Vertical farming to secure food for the future?

A few miles West of Dundee is the Intelligent Growth Solutions’ (IGS) vertical farm, on the James Hutton Institute campus. On the outside, it looks like a square steel structure, ten-meters-high, in a muddy field. Inside, there are four ‘towers’, each of which potentially contain 50 growing

Physical distance without social distancing: a vital role for community food initiatives 

As the number of people struggling to access food has increased with this crisis, the experience of food insecurity has become much more widespread.  Being able to access food safely and with dignity is now on the minds of nearly everyone. This has brought many more people into

Respecting the right to food during lockdown and crisis response: We need to talk about state duties

it is concerning that other significant emergency funding packages have fallen back on models of charitable food aid rather than providing direct entitlements. So we need to talk about the UK governments’ obligation to respect human rights, including the right to food during these challenging circumstances.

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