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Farmland in the Scottish Southern Uplands near Peebles

Nourish is developing a comprehensive policy platform for sustainable, local food in consultation with our members


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Nourish Scotland is developing a series of practical projects to help rebuild a sustainable food infrastructure for Scotland.  

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  • “We are fed up!” 20,000 march against industrial agriculture

    What links a small-scale German dairy farmer, a radical vegan, and Syrian solidarity activists? Perhaps quite a lot actually, but rarely do they take to the same street with the same message: We are fed up with this food system. On Saturday, over 20,000 people marched through Berlin’s streets. With the temperature hovering around -4 degrees, and […]

  • Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 15.58.52

    The Food Leadership Programme: Farm animals & the food system

    As storm Desmond descended on the 5th of December, a gathering was taking place at Whitmuir Farm just south of Edinburgh. The yurt on the hill, where we sheltered, shook so much in the wind we could barely hear each other speak. Fearing loose branches from the trees around us, we hurried to the farmhouse. […]

  • Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 16.48.30

    Improving the Scottish diet: Effort over guidelines

    The Food Standards Scotland (FSS) agreed today to advise the Scottish Government that the Scottish Dietary Goals should be updated. The FSS took over responsibilities from the UK-wide Food Standards Agency in April this year as a new public sector food body to provide independent information and advice on food safety and standards, nutrition and labelling […]

  • A Citizens’ Agricultural Policy is for citizens, BY citizens. #citizensCAP

    What does the Common of Common Agricultural Policy really mean? Very basically, it means that in the late 1950s, the then 6 members of the European Economic Community decided to create a common market for certain agricultural products, and by the same token agreed to agree on one single, common agricultural policy. Quite simple. However, […]

  • farmers

    Farmers haven’t been in the spotlight nearly enough – live from Milan #5

    You don’t often see farmers or food producers on stage. You definitely never see a Peruvian Cherimoya farmer, a South African fisherman, a Sri Lankan rice grower and a Dutch pig farmer together on one stage. The ‘Farmers in the Spotlight’ session on the third day of We Feed The Planet powerfully showed the importance […]

  • Alice Waters

    “It is taste that will wake up this world.” – Live from Milan #4

    By Bella Crowe Over the last few days, we’ve been hearing about why people farm: “You can live without so many things in this world, all this technology, but you cannot live without food. That’s why I farm”, Camara Mohamed from Mali. We’ve also heard about the various struggles which are intimately related to the […]

  • Common Agricultural Policy – what’s this all about? Introducing the experts #citizensCAP

    The Common Agricultural Policy, also known as the CAP, has since its inception in the early 1960s been the largest common policy of the European Union, in terms of budget and of impact. It initially achieved its stated objectives very successfully: raising farmers’ incomes and ending hunger in Europe by increasing agricultural production. However, 50 […]

  • From Hunger to Prison: The Poverty Penalty

    Benefit sanctions leave the most vulnerable in society with no money whatsoever. In a battle between hunger and crime, many have stolen small amounts of food to feed themselves and their family. New compulsory court fines mean that people found guilty of stealing food who cannot pay the fines are sent to prison. Why are […]

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    Women feed the world – live from Milan #4

    By Bella Crowe When we talk about the food system, we are talking about gender, we are talking about racism, we are talking about capitalism. This has rung loud and clear throughout the last few days here at We Feed the Planet, with discussions on the commons, migration, and women. Inequalities and systems of oppression […]

  • Nubultan, Kyrgyzstan

    What is farming for? – Live from Milan #3

    Who feeds Scotland? Who now, and in the future? How we can feed ourselves better? What is farming for? And where should farming be going? In June 2015 the Scottish Government released a discussion document, The Future of Scottish Agriculture, setting out a vision and strategy for farming in Scotland in the next decade and […]

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