Who Feeds Us? The pandemic and the call to restore dignity in our food

October 13, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Joina live conversation to mark the launch of Farmerama Radio’s timely new series Who Feeds Us?

If there’s one thing the pandemic has exposed, it’s a food system failing to serve its most basic purpose: to nourish all citizens of our society.

Who Feeds Us? is a chorus from the people who have fed us throughout the Covid crisis: people from all over the UK, on the land and seas, on allotments and city roofs.

From people of many different ages and beliefs, from different backgrounds, regions and classes come the songs of farmers, growers, community leaders, healers, chefs, beekeepers, fishers.

In this one hour conversation, some of the voices from the series will share their experiences in feeding us and building a better food system for us all. Together with co-producers from Who Feeds Us? and highly acclaimed film, Kiss The Ground, we will explore what it means to restore dignity to our food.

Join the conversation with:

  • Rosie Gray, baker and founder of Reviving Food in Scotland
  • Muhsen Hassanin, farmer and Halal slaughterman in Wales
  • Lynda McFarlane, chef, healer & creator of Vegan Vybes Earth Gardens in Birmingham
  • Rebecca Tickell, award-winning film-maker and producer of the newly released documentary, Kiss the Ground
  • And Abby Rose, co-producer of Who Feeds Us? and co-founder Farmerama Radio.

This live conversation will be hosted by journalist Lizzie Rivera. Register online to save your place.