Peas Please: Veg Advocate workshop

November 16, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Are you able to get enough veg everyday? Do want to make it easier for people where you live to eat good food? Let’s discuss and take action!

This is an interactive Zoom session that looks at some of the obstacles we have in Scotland to sourcing and eating good food, specifically fresh veg. It’s an opportunity to learn how the current food system works, and to discuss as group the different barriers we face and how we might overcome them in our communities. Our aim is to look at a whole systems approach to food, get lived experiences of our food environment and invite those with a passion for change to become Veg Advocates to help us to tackle some of the issues as individuals and part of our communities.

What can I expect?

We hope to explore the difficulties in accessing nutritious food (both personal and collective), learn about UK’s health outlook and how it relates to food, and find practical steps to get involved and be part of the solution. Join us in this workshop to:

hear what the Pease Please project is about

learn current stats and facts about the UK national veg intake

learn practical tips and strategies that can help your own community to eat more veg

reflect on current practices and barriers for people to access healthy food

share your own knowledge and experiences

learn how to become a Veg Advocate

Is it for me?

If you eat you are in! We are looking for people who are passionate about veg to get involved, share their experience and commitment, and work with us to find solutions together. We want to explore the food system and the challenges to accessing and eating more veg, and especially interested in hearing thoughts of those with lived experience of food insecurity. Participants will also be given a £10 shopping voucher for their time.

Peas Please is about making it easier for people to access and eat more veg – but we know that just telling people to eat more veg doesn’t work, so what does? By working with farmers, high street food chains, restaurants, supermarkets, governments and people like YOU, all at the same time, we can make sure everyone can eat enough veg.