Agroecology: enabling the transition

Agroecology– farming with nature – is only just creeping into the mainstream in farming and crofting practice in Scotland. There is a growing wider recognition of the potential of agroecology as a solution.

“Agroecological approaches to farm management have significant potential to help Scotland tackle the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity decline whilst building resilience into our food production systems. ”  The potential for an agroecological approach in Scotland: Policy Brief  

There is also a need for improved support and advice for farmers, crofters and growers.  Trying out different practices in your farm is not an easy decision.  Going to the field, seeing the practices yourself and hearing from those implementing them can increase confidence to try them out.

A unique partnership of organisations have come together to embed and support the transition to agroecological practices in Scotland through a practical knowledge exchange programme funded by the Knowledge Transfer Innovation Fund (KTIF).

We are committed to support farmers, crofters and growers at all stages of their agroecological journeys in Scotland.


Between August 2022 and March 2023, Nourish Scotland will work with the Landworkers’ AlliancePasture for LifeSoil Association Scotland, the Nature Friendly Farming Network and Propagate to facilitate a series of farmer/crofter/grower groups and a wider webinar series. The groups will meet on farms/crofts/market gardens and online and include:




This project builds and expands on previous work undertaken over 2021/22 under the Agroecology: Facilitating Mindset Change project. Through this, 28 participants hosted on farm/croft events with over 300 attendees sharing their knowledge, learning and hopes for the future. You can read the final report and recommendations on how to embed agroecology in Scotland here

Pioneering Agroecology in Scotland

Webinar Series

Farm Management: The link between Biodiversity & Profitability .  24th Nov 7pm-9pm. Book here.

Soil Food Web for Farmers. 30th Nov 7-8:30pm. Book here.

Sustainable Poultry Feed: the potential of insect protein. 7th Dec 7-8:30pm. Book here.

Expect webinars up until March details TBC.

Learn about Agroecology

Agroecological Transition: reflections from recent research in Scotland. Watch video.