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Guest blog: Beekeeping for beginners for a pollinator-friendly Scotland


Guest blog by Alice Halls, freelance writer and beekeeper. Why bees are so important for our food system The Scottish government recently launched the Pollinator Strategy for Scotland (2017-2027), outlining measures to make the country a friendlier place for declining bee populations. Bees are essential for pollinating roughly one third of the […]

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Climate Change Bill – Blog 1: A Scottish Organic Target

With the Scottish Government’s consultation on the new Climate Change Bill closing in less than a month, Nourish will be publishing a series of weekly blogs about each of our four key asks for the Bill. First up: a Scottish organic target! Earlier this year we campaigned […]

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A nitrogen budget for Scotland?


One of the emerging ideas from the Bitesize gathering on climate change at ECCI last Friday (9th September) was a nitrogen budget for Scotland. Each year we add around 129,000 tonnes of manufactured nitrogen fertiliser to crops and grassland in Scotland, and this figure has been static for […]

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