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Forestry Strategy: a missed opportunity


The Scottish Government published a draft Forestry Strategy in September. But it’s not much of a strategy. The document sets the following vision: ‘Scotland will have more forests and woodlands, which will be sustainably managed as a much greater part of the nation’s natural capital, providing a […]

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Access to land for farmers in Europe

Rural landscape in Perthshire

We think it’s bad in Scotland.  But Europe has lost one third of its farmers in the last 12 years.  Of course we lost most of our small farmers many years ago, and we still have on average much larger farms than Germany, France, the Netherlands and […]

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Government duty to meet people’s right to food acknowledged by Minister Aileen McLeod

Iain MacKinnon reports from the annual conference of Community Land Scotland. “It is very encouraging to hear the concept of human rights and the realisation of human rights embedded at the heart of a ministerial speech on land reform.” This was how Community Land Scotland’s (CLS) policy […]

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