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What does dignity mean to you over the festive period?

For many, the holidays are a time of celebration, gathering of friends and family, indulging in festive treats and enjoying a rest from work. For far too many, however, they are also a time of worry, stress and anxiety associated with the financial pressures that sit alongside […]

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UN Examination of the Right to Food in the UK

UN Palais des Nations

  This week we’re in Geneva giving evidence to the UN on the right to food. Here’s a quick breakdown of the who/what/why. What is the right to food? The right to food is protected within the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The UK […]

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Acting on the Right to Food campaign

A picture of the play, portraying Sally in the supermarket

“What does a right to food look like, in practice, in Scotland?” This was the question posed to participants at the end of last week’s Scotland’s Foodscape Symposium in Edinburgh. Rather than starting a discussion on the topic, however, we presented them with a piece of theatre […]

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Edinburgh school closures result in increased food bank usage

The discovery of structural faults at 17 schools in Edinburgh has resulted in closures across the city; with thousands of pupils unable to return to class after the Easter break. This has resulted in obvious widespread disruption for children, parents, and teachers. However, one disturbing consequence, which […]

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From Hunger to Prison: The Poverty Penalty

Benefit sanctions leave the most vulnerable in society with no money whatsoever. In a battle between hunger and crime, many have stolen small amounts of food to feed themselves and their family. New compulsory court fines mean that people found guilty of stealing food who cannot pay […]

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