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We can move forward now: time for Scotland to act on climate change

Cows and calves at Whitmuir Organic farm. ©Lorne Gill/SNH

Last weekend, the yearly climate change talks came to an end in Poland. Amid Brexit headlines, you may have missed the news: the world’s leaders agreed a new ‘rulebook’ for how countries will deliver on the promises made in the Paris Agreement in 2015. While this is […]

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Threat to food and farming powers

Nourish Scotland Press Release Friday 9 March, 15:00 Reacting to UK Government proposals to centralise devolved powers on food and farming, [1] Pete Richie, Executive Director at Nourish Scotland said: “At a time when the Scottish Government has announced its intention to make Scotland a Good Food […]

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Climate Change Bill – Blog 2: A Nitrogen Budget

Manure spreading - Flickr CC B4bees

This is the second of our weekly blogs about each of our four key asks for the Bill. The Scottish Government is consulting on the new Climate Change Bill until the 22nd September. You have until then to take part in the e-action run by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to ask the […]

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Field of Enquiry II: Birds and Bees. And Beetles (let’s not forget those)!

If it had not been clear to our 35 participants at the start of the programme, there remained no doubt about not only the well-being of birds, bees and beetles as an important indicator of the general health of our ecosystems, but also their extremely important direct […]

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#NourishElectionAsks – Ask 5: Organic and local food into our public kitchens

It’s getting close – only 2 weeks until we vote in our next Scottish Parliament, so we’re on to our penultimate election ask, where we focus upon what we serve in our public kitchens – our hospitals, libraries, schools, care homes and prisons.  We are calling for […]

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#NourishElectionAsks – Ask 3: Invest in the Future of Farming

With just 4 weeks left until May 5th when Scotland elects its fifth Parliament, this week we’re focusing on our third policy ask: Investing in the future of our farming. You can also have a look at all 6 Election Asks here, please use these asks to initiate conversations with […]

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