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Access to land for farmers in Europe

Rural landscape in Perthshire

We think it’s bad in Scotland.  But Europe has lost one third of its farmers in the last 12 years.  Of course we lost most of our small farmers many years ago, and we still have on average much larger farms than Germany, France, the Netherlands and […]

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The stakes of the EU Referendum for our food system

Our food system is strongly influenced by EU policies and politics. Yet, it has barely featured in the ongoing debates about the EU Referendum of June 23rd. At Nourish we believe that despite some rightful criticism of the EU, Scotland and the other nations of the UK are better off […]

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A Citizens’ Agricultural Policy is FOR citizens, BY citizens

What does the Common of Common Agricultural Policy really mean? Very basically, it means that in the late 1950s, the then 6 members of the European Economic Community decided to create a common market for certain agricultural products, and by the same token agreed to agree on […]

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Common Agricultural Policy – what’s this all about?

The Common Agricultural Policy, also known as the CAP, has since its inception in the early 1960s been the largest common policy of the European Union, in terms of budget and of impact. It initially achieved its stated objectives very successfully: raising farmers’ incomes and ending hunger […]

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