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Sustainable Food Atlas

Sustainable Food Atlas

At Nourish we talk a lot about creating a ‘sustainable food system’, it probably goes without saying that this a complicated task. You only have to begin to think about what you have for dinner – Where was it grown? How did it get to you? What impact did production have on soils and water supplies? Were the workers treated fairly? Were animals given antibiotics? (And that’s just the beginning…)

An atlas of sustainable food in scotlandWe’re working on a Sustainable Food Atlas for Scotland, which will draw together some of these issues, using the latest research to provide a visual indication of where we’re at and on the opposite page where we could be in 2030.

Featured issues will range from pesticide use to nutrition, employment rights to access to land, corporate monopolies to animal welfare, and many more.

We’ll be working with researchers and designers and endeavour to create something that interesting no matter how geeky you are, and accessible no matter what prior knowledge you have.

We’ll be launching the Atlas in 2018 and publishing a new double page spread every two weeks. Watch this space!

If you’re interested in collaborating with us on the Food Atlas, please contact Bella Crowe (Bella @ or Olga Bloemen (Olga @