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A study of Stirling’s food system

A study of Stirling's Food System

This is a research project about Stirling’s food system – in Stirling city and the rural areas surrounding it. The motivation for the research is to better understand what is currently happening with food production and consumption in the area, in order to establish how we can best work towards more localised supply chains that benefit the local economy, the environment and create a fairer and healthier food system.

The study will look at production, processing, distribution, retail, catering, and waste, and aims to provide an evidence base of what is currently happening to inform action on how to do things differently. Forth Environment Link, are looking at the best way to establish a food hub(s) in Stirling, which will be informed by this baseline study.

We are seeking to work with experts at the James Hutton Institute and Stirling University, in order to make best use of existing knowledge and resources and ensure a sound evidence base. We also aim to integrate food coherently into Stirling Council’s City Development Plan and work with local activists and community development workers to ensure coherent strategies for moving forwards.

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