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Food Justice Workshops

Working in Partnership

Food Justice issues are complicated. They require both strategic and local intervention, and are best resolved by empowering people at the sharp end. In Scotland we have an opportunity to effect much needed change through the Good Food Nation Bill. We also have many very active and engaged community groups living the change they want to see.

Nourish Scotland is running a series of participative food justice workshops to exploring what a rights-based approach has to offer. We hope to see the groups we work with participate in the Good Food Nation Bill process and complementing their existing work with a human rights analysis.


Each workshop is tailored to the host groups needs, but we generally work around these themes:

  • What the right to food means in law and in practice.
  • What the potential of the Good Food Nation Bill is, and
  • How groups can advocate for a rights-based approach to the social and environmental justice issues they see.


These workshops are free, but we are prioritising groups who are marginalised by food justice issues or face greater barriers to policy participation.

If this sounds of interest but your group doesn’t quite fit that description we still want to hear from you. We may ask you to make a solidarity donation so as we can work in partnership with more groups who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.


For further information please contact Elli Kontorravdis,

This work has been kindly funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.