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Donate to Good Food Nation Campaign

We’re running a crowdfunder for our Good Food Nation Bill campaign work – money raised will go towards enabling people to participate, increasing the diversify of people who shape the Bill. Can you contribute to help us create platforms and resources for anyone to get involved?

Food is central to many of our big challenges in Scotland today – from poverty and health through to land-use, environment, climate change, the economy, and much more.

However, until now there has been little involvement from Government or opportunities for people to participate in making big decisions about how the food system works.

At Nourish Scotland we have spent years advocating in partnership with others for a Good Food Nation Bill, and now that this legislation is on the table we have to take the opportunity with both hands.

We know that there is a real appetite from the people of Scotland for a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable food system, and that people want to be involved in shaping the food policies that affect us all.

We’re running a crowdfunder to enable us to create resources and platforms for people to get involved in the consultation process – to genuinely facilitate participation, particularly of people most affected by food injustice.

To make this Good Food Nation Bill inclusive we need your help…

  • £2 will help us produce and print an activism pack
  • £10 will help us post the packs all over Scotland
  • £20 will help cover the staff time to write accessible briefings as the Bill develops
  • £50 will help us to prepare and give evidence at Parliament
  • £150 will help us put on a consultation response event with people whose voices aren’t often heard
  • £250 will help us organise a food justice training workshop to support community-led activism on the Bill and beyond

We really appreciate your support and will keep you updated throughout the campaign – both on what is happening and how you can get involved.

Can you support us to be effective?