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#NourishElectionAsks – Ask 5: Increase Provision of Land for Food Production

Person working in a potato field

With the local elections right around the corner, Nourish is asking candidates to support our ideas for how Local Authorities can catalyse some vital changes in our food system. Full details of the #NourishElectionAsks and how to sign up as a supporter are available here. From now, until […]

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Field of Enquiry V: Soil & Sustainability

Our soils – we ask so much of them yet take so little care of them. Miesbeth Knottenbelt, Nourish member & volunteer, reports on the fifth session of the 2000m2 Field of Enquiry series at Whitmuir The Organic Place, on Saturday the 28thth of January, which focused […]

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Field of Enquiry IV: Waste not, want not

A new year starting with the disturbing story of waste. Miesbeth Knottenbelt, Nourish member & volunteer, reports on the fourth session of the 2000m2 Field of Enquiry series at Whitmuir The Organic Place, on Saturday the 14th of January.   The big themes the simplicity of the […]

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Field of Enquiry II: Birds and Bees. And Beetles (let’s not forget those)!

If it had not been clear to our 35 participants at the start of the programme, there remained no doubt about not only the well-being of birds, bees and beetles as an important indicator of the general health of our ecosystems, but also their extremely important direct […]

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Field of Enquiry: 10 Workshops exploring the food system through the 2000m2 lens

Logo of the Field of Enquiry Workshop series

When you divide all the arable land on our planet by the number of people living on Earth, we each have 2000m2. In their “Our global & local field – 2000m2 Field of Enquiry” workshops series, Whitmuir want to explore the food system through the 2000m2 lens. Over 10 Saturdays, […]

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Good Food Nation Bill in Programme for Government

Creative commons, ecologically grown vegetables

Press Release for Immediate Release Nourish Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s commitment to begin consultation on a Good Food Nation Bill in 2017. [1] Executive Director Pete Ritchie said ‘This legislation has the potential to be world-leading, we’re pleased the Scottish Government sees the need for a […]

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A nitrogen budget for Scotland?


One of the emerging ideas from the Bitesize gathering on climate change at ECCI last Friday (9th September) was a nitrogen budget for Scotland. Each year we add around 129,000 tonnes of manufactured nitrogen fertiliser to crops and grassland in Scotland, and this figure has been static for […]

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UK Government urged to negotiate on a positive vision for food, farming and fisheries post-Brexit

84 organisations from across UK, including Nourish, have called on government to adopt common-sense food, farming and fishing policies that are good for jobs, health and the environment, when they plan for the UK¹s exit from the European Union.   The coalition has written a letter to […]

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The stakes of the EU Referendum for our food system

Our food system is strongly influenced by EU policies and politics. Yet, it has barely featured in the ongoing debates about the EU Referendum of June 23rd. At Nourish we believe that despite some rightful criticism of the EU, Scotland and the other nations of the UK are better off […]

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The Food Leadership Programme: Farm animals & the food system

As storm Desmond descended on the 5th of December, a gathering was taking place at Whitmuir Farm just south of Edinburgh. The yurt on the hill, where we sheltered, shook so much in the wind we could barely hear each other speak. Fearing loose branches from the […]

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