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Why Scotland’s Climate Change Plan needs an organic target

Agriculture has to be part of Scotland’s mission to address climate change. At the moment agriculture is lagging behind waste and energy in making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, while accounting for nearly a quarter of Scotland’s emissions. Including a target of 5% of Region 1 […]

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Field of Enquiry V: Soil & Sustainability

Our soils – we ask so much of them yet take so little care of them. Miesbeth Knottenbelt, Nourish member & volunteer, reports on the fifth session of the 2000m2 Field of Enquiry series at Whitmuir The Organic Place, on Saturday the 28thth of January, which focused […]

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Field of Enquiry II: Birds and Bees. And Beetles (let’s not forget those)!

If it had not been clear to our 35 participants at the start of the programme, there remained no doubt about not only the well-being of birds, bees and beetles as an important indicator of the general health of our ecosystems, but also their extremely important direct […]

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A nitrogen budget for Scotland?


One of the emerging ideas from the Bitesize gathering on climate change at ECCI last Friday (9th September) was a nitrogen budget for Scotland. Each year we add around 129,000 tonnes of manufactured nitrogen fertiliser to crops and grassland in Scotland, and this figure has been static for […]

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