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Another Food Bank Opened by Welfare Reformist

David Mundell, Conservative MP and Secretary of State for Scotland, opened Scotland’s 50-something-th Trussell Trust food bank in Dumfries today, up from just 1 food bank in 2009. Mundell still denies that there is any link between the UK Government’s welfare reform and the growth of food

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Local Food Survey Report Launch

This Thursday 18th June we will be launching the report from our Local Food Survey, and well as our new and exciting collaboration with Big Barn and we’d love you to join us.  Sadly we can’t pay for your show entry  but please do come along if

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How do we end food bank hell?

Shelagh Young on the possibility of tackling food banks in Scotland using the U.lab process supported by the Scottish Government. I recently attended a Scottish Government hosted workshop, which introduced a large audience to the Massachusetts institute of Technology’s (MIT) U.lab and the Presencing Institute – which

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