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Guest blog: Beekeeping for beginners for a pollinator-friendly Scotland


Guest blog by Alice Halls, freelance writer and beekeeper. Why bees are so important for our food system The Scottish government recently launched the Pollinator Strategy for Scotland (2017-2027), outlining measures to make the country a friendlier place for declining bee populations. Bees are essential for pollinating roughly one third of the […]

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Nine meals from poverty

It’s an indication of the increasingly surreal Brexit debate that laughably stupid UK government proposals for ‘no deal’ are being reported with a straight face rather than the derisory contempt they deserve.  Here’s the British Retail Consortium on food supplies last week: Stockpiling of food is not […]

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Threat to food and farming powers

Nourish Scotland Press Release Friday 9 March, 15:00 Reacting to UK Government proposals to centralise devolved powers on food and farming, [1] Pete Richie, Executive Director at Nourish Scotland said: “At a time when the Scottish Government has announced its intention to make Scotland a Good Food […]

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Agriculture will be Highest Emitting Sector, according to Climate Change Plan

The Scottish Government published their Climate Change Plan yesterday; it outlines a collaborative approach for reaching our global commitments on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, there is a disturbing complacency when it comes to agriculture. By 2032, agriculture will account for 29% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions, […]

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A Good Food Nation: For all life on earth

Nourish Scotland are crowdfunding right now – seeking support and resources for our Good Food Nation campaign. This is our fourth blog in a series counting down to the closing date of the crowdfunder this Sunday (10th of December). The campaign is about all of us getting a say in deciding the […]

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Game of Drones with Dave Goulson

In a packed room in Edinburgh on Wednesday morning the 1st of November, Nourish hosted a talk by highly-esteemed biologist Dave Goulson, University of Sussex. Dave gave an overview of the current impact of pesticides on the insect world and on bees in particular, and discussed what […]

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Extinction ’17: What will halt mass extinction?

Last week, academics, NGOs, farmers and other humans converged on London’s prestigious Queen Elizabeth II conference centre. The attraction: an exploration of the disappearance of the natural world – and the creatures great and small that inhabit it. The extinction of species and loss of biodiversity is […]

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Climate Change Bill – Blog 3: Agroforestry in Scotland

With the Scottish Government’s consultation on the new Climate Change Bill closing on the 22nd of September, Nourish is publishing a series of blogs about each of our four key asks for the Bill. Third up: A strong target and more support for agroforestry in Scotland!   […]

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Making a Living from Local Food in its 2nd year!

What is happening in ‘Making a Living from Local Food’ this year?   Making a Living from Local Food – Tell me more…. This programme is funded by the Prince’s Countryside Trust and is now in its second year. It supports local sustainable food businesses that have […]

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Climate Change Bill – Blog 2: A Nitrogen Budget

Manure spreading - Flickr CC B4bees

This is the second of our weekly blogs about each of our four key asks for the Bill. The Scottish Government is consulting on the new Climate Change Bill until the 22nd September. You have until then to take part in the e-action run by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to ask the […]

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