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Kitchen Table Talks on the future of food in Scotland

Kitchen Table Talks, #GoodFoodNation, What are you top 5 priorities for the Bill?

Share your views on the future of Scotland's food system

Do a Kitchen Table Talk!

The Scottish Food Coalition is inviting people from across Scotland to get together for Kitchen Table Talks to discuss the future of food in Scotland.

The Scottish Government will soon introduce a ‘Good Food Nation Bill’ and we want this legislation to be a chance for everyone to shape Scotland’s food system. The purpose of the Kitchen Table Talks is to hear what really matters to people about food, and what they want the Good Food Nation Bill to achieve.

Who?       Kitchen Table Talks can be done by any group of people with some interest in the future of our food: food producers, whether gardeners or farmers; people who cook for themselves or for a living; people who are concerned about the environment; people who care about fairness, whether that’s animal welfare, food poverty, or wages and working conditions in the food industry.

How?       A Kitchen Table Talk can take as much or little time as you want, with one person hosting the discussion and sharing the outcomes with us in the form below. You are also welcome to do this exercise on your own if you prefer.

When?     This invitation is open for 10 weeks: by the 15th April we hope that hundreds of Kitchen Table Talks will have taken place across Scotland. We will be sharing updates throughout the campaign.

Anyone can host a Kitchen Table Talk, you don't need to be an expert.

The Good Food Nation Bill affects everyone, so we need more, and more diverse, voices to be heard.

Do a Kitchen Table Talk!

Download the documents below to help you host a conversation with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, or people in a group or organisation you’re part of. You can host as many conversations with different groups as you want.

Remember, it is important to share your group’s responses through the online form below!

Smile! It would be lovely to see pictures of every Kitchen Table Talks participants. If you can, please upload a photo when submitting your response below (and tweet it too).

Share the outcome of your Kitchen Table Talk with us

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Data Protection – the information you share with us will be stored safely and treated confidentially (except where consent is sought and given, for example if you allow us to add your name to the map). We will analyse all responses received and publish a summary of Kitchen Table Talks. We will not associate specific answers to individuals without seeking their explicit consent.

Join our map of engaged food citizens across Scotland

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