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Kitchen Table Talks template email

Spread the word about Kitchen Table Talks

Tell your friends about Kitchen Table Talks

Here is a template message that you can easily copy and paste onto an email, facebook message, or post to tell your friends about Kitchen Table Talks and invite them to host one.


I’m getting in touch to let you know about ‘Kitchen Table Talks’. It’s something I recently took part in and highly recommend.

Kitchen Table Talks are an activity the Scottish Food Coalition has developed to help people hold conversations about Scotland’s food system, to get involved in the run up to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a Good Food Nation Bill.

A Kitchen Table Talk can be done by any group of people with some interest in food. It works best with 5-8 people and a host to facilitate the conversation, and takes less than an hour.

The Good Food Nation Bill will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform our food system. You can find all the resources necessary to host a Kitchen Table Talk here:

Write to your MSPs

Here is a template to help you write a letter or an email to your (local and/or regional) MSPs to tell them about the top 5s that came out of your Kitchen Table Talk.

Dear […]

I’m writing to you about the Good Food Nation Bill. As you will know, the Scottish Government is meant to consult on this Bill in the Spring. To help people engage with this process, the Scottish Food Coalition is inviting everyone in Scotland with an interest in the future of food to host or do a ‘Kitchen Table Talk’.

I recently hosted a Kitchen Table Talk conversation with [name of your community / group] [in …]. The 5 key concerns that we had about the food system are [fill in – you can use bullet points for clarity]. We thought that the most important things that the Scottish Government needs to include in the Good Food Nation Bill are [fill in- you can use bullet points for clarity]. As a group, we’re keen to hear your views on this.

I believe it is really important that citizens are involved in deciding the future of our food system, and I am looking forward to engaging with the formal process around the Good Food Nation Bill. I’m writing to you as my [local/regional] MSP to ask you how I can get involved with shaping the Bill. Could you give me any further information on the consultation? Will it be designed to maximise participation, given that the food system is something we all have a stake in?

[What would you like your MSP to do? In this section you can either ask for a written response or arrange for a meeting to talk more about the Good Food Nation Bill and food issues that matter to you, or invite your MSP for a visit to your project]

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, many thanks in advance for your time,

Not sure who your MSPs are / where to find their contact details?

You can look for your constituency and regional MSPs on the Scottish Parliament website here. Their email addresses and phone numbers are also listed there (click on the names to open their personal page).