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The Scottish Government has just launched its consultation on a new Climate Change Act to set more ambitious targets following the 2015 Paris Agreement. It proposes to increase Scotland’s emissions reduction target from 80% to 90% in 2050.


Take action for a stronger Climate Act

Together with other members of the Scottish Climate Chaos Coalition (SCCS), Nourish are campaigning for a stronger Act that squarely faces up to the climate crisis and our global responsibilities: An Act that sets robust targets in line with what is ecologically necessary, ensures that future Government spending is consistent with our climate goals and focuses on policies that will cut emissions rapidly and across the board. We want to see zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and a reduction of at least 77% by 2030.

We encourage all our members and supporters to take part in the e-action run by SCCS and ask the first minister to use this opportunity to stand up to climate change, and create a better future for people and nature in Scotland and around the world. Whether you do the e-action or submit an individual response, thousands of consultation responses will show the Scottish Government that we expect more leadership on climate change – and that there’s no time to waste.

You can find the e-action here. If you want to tweet about the action, please use the hashtag #oorfuture.


Time to tackle food & farming

At Nourish we think it’s about time to consider how our food and farming can contribute to emissions reductions, and start adapting to climate change. For the new Climate Act, we’re asking for:

  • A Scottish nitrogen budget by 2020

Farming is responsible for almost a quarter of Scotland’s climate pollution, and lots of this comes from the manufacture and use of nitrogen-based fertilisers – a national nitrogen budget would help to promote more efficient use of fertilisers and a switch to alternatives, such as composts made from recycled food waste. [This ask is 1 of 3 headline asks of SCCS]

  • Organic targets for Scotland: 5% by 2020, & 20% by 2030

We want the Scottish Government to set an ambitious target for the percentage of Region 1 agricultural land in Scotland under organic management: 5% by 2020, & 20% by 2030. These area-based targets must be matched by commensurate investments in supply chains, including public procurement, and marketing of Scottish organic produce.

  • Annual reporting on consumption emissions and reduction targets

Our carbon footprint has increased over the past two decades, as growth in imported emissions has more than offset reductions in production emissions. The impacts of the consumption of food in the UK amounts to an estimated 30% of total consumption-related emissions. To reduce the true climate impact of our food system, it’s imperative that we focus on supporting low-carbon diets and local, sustainable food production.  The new Climate Act should require Ministers to measure and report annually not only on Scotland’s production emissions but also its consumption-based emissions. There should also be targets in the Act for reducing consumption emissions and a commitment to strategic policies to meet these targets.

  • Strong targets and support for agroforestry in Scotland

Agroforestry has the potential to sequester considerable amounts of carbon in the soils. We want the Scottish Government to provide support and advice to farmers to help them adopt agroforestry measures.


We’ll be publishing more detailed briefings on each of these asks over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions or thoughts about this campaign, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Olga at olga @

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